Who are we?

Naturopathy Magazine aims to educate: health-focused public; natural therapy practitioners and natural therapy students on all matters natural medicine. It is the UK’s only independent publication dedicated solely to Natural Medicine, covering an array of modalities such as Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Natural Chef and Health Coaching and much more. Various diagnostic modalities such as Thermography, Iridology and Reflex Therapies will be covered too.

Each issue provides readers with credible content written by leading  experts, and brings together the latest research, trends and advice in the natural therapies industry.

Naturopathy Magazine inspires readers to consider a natural, whole body approach to health.

Issue 8 is here

8. What Really Works with Susan Clark

Editor Susan Clark on homeopathy, the ‘W’ word (walnut) with a recipe for a simple festive treat, plus more natural remedies, including the bang on-trend mushroom known as Lion’s Mane for mood regulation.

12. The SuperCharged Life

Introducing Lee Holmes … the Sydney-based founder of Supercharged Food, author, businesswoman, new CNM Patron and clinical nutritionist specialising in good gut health.

16. Lee Holmes’ Belly Broths

Simple twists on traditional bone broth recipes for veggies, vegans and flexitarians.

22. The Holy Grail Of Good Skin

Nutritionist Lauren Hellicar revisits the nightmare of having to face the world with bad skin as a teen – a condition that health practitioners now know increases the risk of suicide amongst younger sufferers.

24. Plant-first Skincare

Homeopath and neurodevelopment specialist, Sue Cook, shares some of her tried-and-tested DIY natural skincare creams and lotions and offers to make yours for you!

26. Cultivating True Radiance

She calls herself the ‘Radiant Nutritionist’ so spa-therapist-turned- nutritional-therapist, Katie Jenson-Hull knows what she means when she says radiance starts on the inside.

28. Naturopathic Beauty

Give yourself the Gift of Great Skin with Naturopath, Tracey Walker’s festive season rescue bundle, using ingredients that might otherwise end up on your dinner plate!

32. Opinion – Unstink The World

He trained as a perfumier (Nose) with Lush, the family-owned ethical cosmetics company his father set up, and has gone on to launch his own chemical-free, ethically-sourced fragrance range called ånd. Simon Constantine shares the story of that journey ….

34. A Quiet Hero

Johann Ilgenfritz – the head of UK Health Radio, the global Internet station about to hit the world’s major podcast platforms – talks to Editor, Susan Clark, about more-than surviving cancer.

38. Yoga Corner – Coming Home To Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer, Sat Nadar, explores how this powerful yoga practice invites us to step into the feminine energy of the Aquarian age and to then teach and practise from a place of compassion, not competition.

41. A Meditation Practice

Bhandu Dya Kriya meditation which will help us develop Human Kindness.

42. First Person Narrative: Living On The Edge Of A Health Crisis

Therapist and psychologist, Catia Soares on the mental health breakdown that she never saw coming but which she now knows changed and saved her life.