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The summer issue of Naturopathy magazine has a main theme of Digestive Health, where we explore the vital role of the digestive system in maintaining our overall health and wellbeing.

In this issue we feature award-winning gut health-scientist, dietician, nutritionist and best-selling author Dr Megan Rossi, PhD, Rd, APD who unlocks the mystery of bloating, a common and often uncomfortable digestive issue affecting millions of people worldwide.

We meet Lisa and Alana Macfarlane (The Mac twins), founders of The Gut Stuff who also share an extract from their book The Gut Stuff: Your Ultimate Guide to a Happy & Healthy Gut and Hanna Sillitoe shares her story, unravelling the gut-skin connection.

There are two delicious recipes to enjoy al fresco this summer from Sam Hamrebtan, and Masha Ostapenco shares how Pilates can benefit your digestive health.

With warmer, balmy days ahead,  there are also some seasonal features from our CNM Writers’ Club members on how you can thrive throughout the holidays, stay hydrated whilst maintaining your healthy routines away from home and shift seamlessly back into a routine on your return.