Who are we?

Naturopathy Magazine aims to educate: health-focused public; natural therapy practitioners and natural therapy students on all matters natural medicine. It is the UK’s only independent publication dedicated solely to Natural Medicine, covering an array of modalities such as Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Natural Chef and Health Coaching and much more. Various diagnostic modalities such as Thermography, Iridology and Reflex Therapies will be covered too.

Each issue provides readers with credible content written by leading  experts, and brings together the latest research, trends and advice in the natural therapies industry.

Naturopathy Magazine inspires readers to consider a natural, whole body approach to health.

Issue 4 is here

6. What Really Works with Susan Clark

Susan Clark looks at the single best thing you can support your immune system and answers the questions you have about health.

8. The Impact of Manufactured Foodstuff on the Vagus Nerve

Dietary patterns high in processed foods) or a “western dietary pattern)’ are strongly correlated with developing health problems. Olivier Sanchez looks at the role of the Vagus Nerve when it comes to the relationship between the gut) the brain) and inflammation.

12. Visualisation: Making a Move

We live in a world where mental health is discussed more than ever. Madelaine Winzer looks at the changing expectations in a society where we have marketed the idea that we can be anyone.

16. Prana: The Gift of Life Through the Breath

This is the first article in the series by Layhing Siu Munro that will guide you through concepts) knowledge and techniques about the breath.

20. Watercress – The Forgotten Superfood

Ed Tooley believes in a ‘Food First’ strategy for nutrition and explains the benefits of adding Watercress to your diet.

24. Vitamin D: COVID and Cancer Protection

Siobhan Cosgrave highlights the importance of Vitamin D. She explains who is at risk of vitamin D deficiency) and suggests ways to improve levels of vitamin D in the body.

28. Black Seed Oil

Evidence suggests black seed oil can help the body overcome a number of modern health issues. Charlotte Palmer lists the advantages of incorporating it into your diet.

30. Parasites – Internal Small Game Hunting

Amanda White looks at the symptoms parasites cause in the body and what measures can be taken to help prevent them.

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Health Benefits of Acupuncture
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