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Gabrielle Cheyney

Founder of Wellness by Gabrielle – Acupuncture, Naturopathy & Holistic Therapies

I am a registered Acupuncturist and Naturopath with a background in holistic therapies including pregnancy massage, aromatherapy and further CPD in Cosmetic Acupuncture and Bach Flower Remedies.

I take an integrative approach and aim to provide total wellness for mind, body, soul, and skin. Bringing together all my skills, I help people find balance, ease, and optimal wellness.

I am based in London and outside of work I love to continue learning – my latest passions are Astrology and Classical Acupuncture.

Francesca Abalasei

I’m Francesca. My focus is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), my mission is to prevent anyone going through the years of confusion, frustration and pain of navigating PCOS alone that I experienced.

I run The PCOS Clinic, offering guidance to those with PCOS, and professionals wanting to master this condition.

I am based between London and Malta, my PCOS Clinics run online.

Advice I’d give a prospective client is “knowing how your body works is worth the investment”.

I’m an avid hiker and love long walks and spin classes.

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T: 07454 810110

Maha Blakeway

Registered Naturopath, Iridologist and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

I specialise in gut health, auto immune disease. I practise precision and integrative medicine using functional testing, working with Genova, Lifecode Gx and Regenerus labs. I use nutrition, botanical agents, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle changes.

I’m based between Egypt (Arabic is my first language) & the UK with Zoom, and in-person consultations.

I constantly top up my CPD and am currently studying a MSc in International Public Health at Liverpool University, as well as being a fashion enthusiast.

Instagram : mahashouse

Nadine Bowen-Price

I am a Nutritionist and Naturopath with a passion for natural health, using a kind,  holistic approach. I like to combine my knowledge of Nutrition and Naturopathy and use a functional, preventative approach to health by addressing root causes of symptoms for the person as a whole.

I support my clients by keeping up to date on the latest research in nutrition and naturopathy and specialise in the gut, skin, and weight loss. Consultations are by Zoom, or at my clinic in Harley Street.

My hobbies are tennis, gym, Pilates, travel and walks in nature.

Instagram: @nutritiouslynadine

Kim Dourish

I’m Kim, and I run emotional healing retreats with my husband (a trauma therapist) after graduating from CNM as a Nutritional Therapist.

We are based in a beautiful country village in Northamptonshire, and our passion is to help people with their mental & physical health, specialising in trauma, PTSD, complex PTSD. We offer a holistic, mind and body detox using naturopathic approaches and therapeutic modalities, as well as providing education and ongoing naturopathic support to optimise ongoing wellness.

I’m also a yoga teacher, have three grandchildren and love to travel in my spare time.

T: 07717 643850

Sebastian Pearson

Welcome to The Healing Herbalist.

I aim to help you back on the road to wellness no matter your health concern, using organic herbal medicine & naturopathic techniques like nutrition, detoxing & lifestyle hacks to restore equilibrium.

I’m fully qualified, 51yrs young, based in W. Sussex & offer in-person / Zoom consultations. I do Lab testing for more complex cases to help us get to the root cause.

My special interests are gut health & men’s health in relation to prostate, fertility, libido & symptoms of male ‘Andropause.’ Your health journey starts here!

T: + 44 7710 349101

Nina Divall

I am Nina, founder of Nina Divall Health.  I’m a registered Naturopathic Health Coach for women in midlife.

I am based in London, but also work worldwide via Video Call.

I focus on helping women in Midlife understand the changes their physical and mental health goes through at this time. My approach looks at the bigger picture; the results I achieve are for long-term health of my clients.

I love walking my dog, spending time outside as well as cooking, creating new recipes and socialising with friends.

T: 07966 423202
Website –
Instagram – The Menopause Health Coach

Denys Tsveiuk

I’m Denys Tsveiuk, founder of Integrative Health Solutions. I am a registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist with a prior medical doctor degree. My professional interests include metabolic disorders, autoimmune conditions, and reproductive health.

I’m based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and online.

My mission now is helping people restore and maintain optimal health.

I enjoy traveling with my wife and three kids, reading about spiritual growth, and playing tennis.

One piece of advice I’d give a prospective client is, your body can heal itself. Make a commitment to become the healthiest version of yourself.


Donna de Villiers

I’m Donna de Villiers, founder of DeVILLI Well-being.  I am a Health Coach with a focus on Dementia prevention.

I am based in Edinburgh and offer Zoom and in person courses.

My time working in Health and Social Care led to a passion in helping people age well and live disease free.

I love spending my time with my partner and our dog walking in the Edinburgh hills. I’m also a veggie patch enthusiast.

My advice for clients – make changes one at a time, slow and steady wins the race!

Phone:  07565 110850

Juliet Goodwin

I’m Juliet Goodwin, founder of Natural Nutritional Health. I am both a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Certified Health Coach. I support women with digestive problems, hormonal issues, and low energy. Also, soon to be an EFT practitioner.

My clinic is in Surrey, and via Zoom.

Initially working as a senior nurse, I was drawn to a more holistic, preventative approach to well-being. Small consistent steps create big shifts, our bodies are capable of so much with the right support.

I enjoy travelling and being in nature.

Instagram @naturalnutritionalhealth
Telephone 07979 622590

Kate Brown

I’m Kate Brown, founder of Happy Healthy You – Your Way.

I am a trained Mindfulness Teacher and CNM Health Coach, in Hertfordshire offering 1-2-1 coaching.

My mindfulness sessions teach you how to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day life and give you moments of calm throughout the day, along with a guided meditation. See my website for more information.

My mission is to support women to feel happy, healthier, comfortable, and confident in their mind and body. I love bootcamp, paddleboarding, running & travelling with friends.

Advice I give clients: Take 3 deep purposeful breaths each morning to start your day.

07940 422390

Andreia Correia

I’m Andreia Correia, a fully qualified, insured, and registered Nutritional Therapist. I am also part of CNM’s Clinical Assistant Supervisor programme.

I’m Portuguese and have been living in the UK since 2019. I also speak Italian.

I’m based in Edinburgh, and I also offer consultations online. I have a special interest in neurodiversity, but I support people with any kind of health concerns.

I enjoy learning new languages, traveling to new places, and spending time outdoors connecting with nature.

I’m very passionate about helping people to transform and take control of their own health.

Instagram: ac_nutritional_therapy
Facebook: ac.nutritional.therapy
Telephone: 07751128669

Lei-Lana Er

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist
Natural Anti-Ageing Expert

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, transforming their lives, whether through supporting those with chronic illnesses, reversing the signs of ageing and increasing longevity or purely making their everyday health better.

Every plan I develop is personalised and holistic. I use a range of natural and powerful techniques and the latest cutting-edge science in nutrition including food as medicine, supplementation, biohacking, detoxification, herbal medicine, lifestyle practices, genetics analysis, diagnostic testing, and more.Reach out to start your healing journey with me today.
instagram: @leilananutrition

Vittoria Battaglia

Founder of Apothēcary of Botanical Medicine based in London.

Herbs and Botanical Medicine are the oldest form of traditional medicine throughout the world, using plant and natural phytomaterial to support the body’s ability to heal.

My clinical practice focuses on finding the root cause of the symptoms or illness, based on traditional methods of diagnosis.

I use sustainable and high quality, individual plant materials for prescriptions, utilising herbal treatments to support general health conditions or dis-ease, and a special interest in disordered sleep.
Insta: apothecaryofbotannicalmedicine

Sophie Brockway

I’m Sophie, a registered Nutritional Therapist and Certified Health Coach specialising in Fertility, Conception, IVF, Pregnancy, and Postnatal Nutrition. Based in London, I offer confidential one-to-one services online and in-clinic. I provide evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle support for both men and women facing fertility challenges, including ‘unexplained infertility,’ implantation failure, and male factor infertility.

My expertise extends to addressing secondary infertility, miscarriages, immunological issues, and preparing individuals for assisted reproductive procedures. I’m dedicated to ensuring optimal conditions for successful conception and embryonic development, also offering support for conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids.

Hanieh Vidmar

I’m a nutritional therapist and health coach with a mission to help entrepreneurs and business owners prevent or heal from burnout. As a business owner and mum, I know all too well the signs of burnout and the things we do that get us there.

Being a phlebotomist and former pharmacy technician, I’ve embraced a more holistic perspective on health, focusing on sustainable practices. I aim to guide and support you through preventing or recharging from burnout.

I’ll equip you with strategies to manage stress and reduce overwhelm, building your long-term resilience and creating a foundation for sustained mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Instagram: @HaniehVidmar

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