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The season of goodwill……

The theme for this edition of Naturopathy magazine is metabolic health, clinically defined as ‘the absence of metabolic disease’ – find out what this actually means and how you can support your metabolic health this winter.

We can all make a start on this by extending goodwill to ourselves as well as others, nourishing and looking after our own health, very much as the cover suggests.

Our Big Interview presents Dr Gemma Newman, widely known and revered as ‘The Plant Power Doctor’, with a fabulous extract from her new book Eat Well, Stay Well.

Dr Victoria Sampson shares her top tips on maintaining oral health and how important this is when optimising metabolic health and Jamie Clements, founder of The Breath Space, walks us through the breath-body connection and how this can be a fabulous addition to your toolkit, in what is typically one of the busiest seasons of the year!

We learn first hand from Lee Holmes about Metabolic Health Syndrome and her personal story, as well as delving into a real-life case study from Bobby Qureshi on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

This season typically focuses on food, so find out from Natural Chef, Sam Hamrebtan what her favourite comfort food recipes are, and for those of us that find ourselves entertaining more with the dark, cold evenings ahead, why not try something from Emma Hollingsworth’s new book Vegan Chocolate Treats.

By reading this issue, I hope you have a better understanding of the many elements contributing towards metabolic health, and a deeper understanding in how to pro-actively optimise and support this.

Wishing you, and your family and friends a healthy, happy winter season!