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Let’s get moving…

The main theme for this issue of Naturopathy Magazine is movement, a fundamental pillar of health that for the most part, costs nothing, but which sadly, so many people do not give the attention it deserves.

We’re delighted to have Bobby Qureshi, Director of Education at CNM as the Guest Editor.

Continuing with our commitment in each issue to introduce you to top naturopathic practitioners, our Big Interview introduces highly respected UK-based practitioner Pippa Campbell, along with an extract from her book, Eat Right, Lose Weight. And if this couldn’t get more exciting, we also hear from two internationally recognised naturopathic legends – Canadian-born but New Zealand based Dr Lara Briden, and Dr Michael Greger who is based in America.

And, if you are now thinking ahead to your summer holidays, our special theme also offers some top tips for healthier travelling and advice on how to get your digestive system in good shape, ready for a week or two laying on the beach!

By subscribing and reading this issue, we hope you feel inspired to adopt some simple and positive steps towards improving your health.